The meditation accessory you take wherever you go.

Benefits of Padma Seat

  • Surrounding support for crossed leg sitting position
  • Supports knees so to relax the hips
  • Brings comfort to the lower back. It is adjustable to move it where needed.
  • Hips & Spinal Support, takes the stress out of cross legged sitting
  • Improves sitting crossed leg position
  • Prolonged meditation for deeper experience
  • Helps open and release blocked energy centres
  • Encourages proper alignment
  • Helps to seat upright and balance energy systems
  • Meditation anytime, anywhere

Padma Seat is
your must-have meditation accessory.

Padma Seat is a Revolutionary Spinal Support Device specifically designed for a prolonged cross-legged sitting position. Its purpose is to give comforting support to the knees, hips and spine in order to balance the whole body, whether you’re sitting on a flat surface or elevated on a cushion, providing comfort for long-term sitting and meditation practices. Relaxing the body into a comfortable sitting position, Padma seat hugs the lumbar spine in to assist the thoracic and cervical spine in lengthening upward, preventing a slumped posture. It allows you to sit longer without such acute pain, in order for your body to gradually open and be at ease, so that the mind can go even deeper in meditation.



“I’m a yoga and meditation teacher. I’ve been using Padma Seat for about 6 years and no doubt, it has catalyzed my meditation practice exponentially. The Padma Seat is so effective because it supports the whole spine, hips and knees, so that I can sit in an upright meditation posture for much longer with less pain. If you’re a meditator or have tried meditation before, you will know that pains in the body are the first big obstacle to meditation.

Ashley Beasley
Yoga and meditation teacher

Padma Seat

Padma Seat 2
Padma Seat 2
Padma Seat 2
Padma Seat 1

How To use Padma Seat?

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