How to use Padma Seat ?

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position with crossed legs wearing appropriate clothes you feel at ease with.
  1. Wrap the Padma Seat around starting from one kneecap around the lower back to the other kneecap. To find the snug fit needed for optimal support, loosen the strap to the size you feel is more generous than the width between your knees.
  1. Slightly bend forward to then tighten the strap so that the Padma Seat is comfortably tight around you. This will bring your knees slightly inward and into position.
  1. Then sit up straight feeling the support in your knees, hips and lower back. Padma Seat will support your lower spine so that you can sit and meditate longer. PS can be adjusted during use, moving the back of the sling up and down to where you need the support in that moment. If you are not able to sit directly into Lotus Cross legged Position, this is OK, Padma Seat will support your knees which will allow opening of the hips. With practice your legs will move closer into Lotus position.