Genuine Testimonials from our clients

“I’m a yoga and meditation teacher in Bali. I’ve been using Padma Seat for about 6 years and no doubt, it has catalyzed my meditation practice exponentially. The Padma Seat is so effective because it supports the lower spine, mid spine, hips and knees, so that I can sit in an upright meditation posture for much longer with less pain. It helps to keep me from slouching forward while I’m sitting, feeling pain and becoming sleepy, which most bodies have a tendency to do while seated for long periods of time.

If you’re a meditator or have tried meditation before, you will know that pains in the body are the first big obstacle to meditation. We get distracted by how uncomfortable we are and can’t get past the pain to move into concentration of the mind. We have an even harder time letting go of the mind when our body is shouting “I’m in Pain!” At us. So, the Padma Seat helps us to get over the first big hurdle of meditation, so that we can experience the bliss of meditation more readily and easily.

I meditate for at least 2 hours a day most days and attend multiple weeks of meditation retreat each year and use the Padma seat almost every single day of the year to help support my spine in meditation. I have been able to sit for hours at a time with the help of the Padma Seat to reduce my body pain and support my spine to be upright. Due to the support my body has had from the Padma Seat in a simple cross-legged position, I have been able to sit for much longer sessions during meditation. My body has, over time, become more flexible in the hips and joints, more relaxed in the shoulders and neck – my spine, back muscles and core have become stronger as a result of long-term and consistent sitting in the same cross legged position – As a result, my overall seated posture has become much stronger and I can now sit for over 1.5 hours without the Padma Seat without any pain or need for support.

Without a doubt, my meditation practice would not be the same or as strong as it has become over time without the Padma Seat. It is my number one meditation prop and I would never leave on a trip without it.

If you are just starting off your meditation practice and you know you love meditation and want to dive deeper into it, the Padma Seat is a perfect companion for that journey. It will help support you so that you feel less pain in your body and will be less distracted and onto real meditation more quickly. Or if you are already a seasoned meditator and you would like something to help you to sit for longer with less pain and more support that is light weight and easily portable, this is the perfect prop for you. Or if you are about to go to a meditation retreat and you are expecting to have to sit for long periods of time on the floor, this product is a must-have.”

Ashley Beasley
Yoga and meditation teacher
January 15, 2019

“The Padma Seat has been incredibly helpful for many of my students. It helps with low back pain by offering support in a crossed leg position and helps the legs stay in place, sitting becomes actually restful instead of painful. I recently had a minor knee injury and found that using the padma seat took the pressure off of my knee while sitting in full lotus. I love this product and sincerely endorse it. “

Denise Payne
May 22, 2018

“I would absolutely repurchase it ! Love it.

I am an overly large individual at 6’3 and a bit over three hundred pounds. I have back and joint problems galore and although I have been moving quickly into a more natural meditative lifestyle it has been challenging to stay motivated due to pain. Since I use Padma Seat I have been able to sit and focus on more than just my posture for an extended period of time. I feel like I’m getting better already! ”

March 25, 2016

“I am very happy with this prop. Padma Seat supports my knees and lower back for effortless sitting. It is true to its sizing, stows easily in its travel bag, and is very easy to use.”

Satan’s Onion
November 16, 2016

“The Padma Seat gives the student/meditator very valuable back support especially people who suffer from it would greatly benefit. I highly recommend the Padma Seat to meditators and yoga practitioners. Apart from being super useful, well made and lightweight, it is also produced in a very ethical way and by great people with heart and vision.”

Philipp E Lemke
Insight Yoga
July 13, 2017

“ This product is perfect for anyone starting out in meditation, or for people like me with back problems. it does not act as a seat or a cushion . it acts to help you adjust your own position to the best of your abilities while making use of your own abdominals and back muscles to allign your spine as you normally might do without the product. “

December 10, 2017

The Best Yoga – Meditation Seat I have ever found.

“I suffer with lower back problems and wanted to try and find something that would give me great support while I meditate. I have tried other types of yoga straps but nothing seemed to work for me. I finally seem to have found the answer. The Padma Seat gave me the best lower back relief I have had compared to any of the other meditation belts I have tried. I absolutely love it and will be recommending it to my friends.”

Julie J
March 4, 2018

“I learnt to meditate during a 10 day Vipassana Retreat. I have been introduced to the Padma Seat and though straight away it will definitely save me meditating 10 hours a day! And it did. I can easily stay more than one hour in Lotus pose without moving or experiencing any pain on my knees and lower back.”

August 11, 2018